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CentropeMAP and CentropeSTATISTICS Info Folder


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Statistical Data

CentropeSTATISTICS features lots of datasets in municipality level on these topics:

All datasets are accessible free of charge in the CentropeSTATISTICS cross-border database. To access this database, go to CentropeMAP, open the CentropeSTATISTICS expert mode and select any table of your choice for interactive map creation, interactive chart creation or download. Please refer to chapter 5.1. of the CentropeSTATISTICS user manual on how to download table data.

Print-ready maps

Population density 2013

(inhabitants per square kilometre)

Women of child-bearing age

(Percentage of female population aged 14 to 49)

10-to-14-year-olds and ISCED 2 education

Municipalities with ISCED 2 Education and number of 10-14-year-olds 2009/10

Population Density and Migration 2010

Inhabitants per square kilometre and migration balance per 1,000 inhabitants

Corine Land Cover Level 3

in the Twin City Region Vienna – Bratislava

CentropeSTATISTICS User Manual

Please proceed to the help and manual page to download the CentropeSTATISTICS user manual.