Frequently asked questions

You can also refer to the manual which is available in English and German. If there are still any problems or questions remaining, please use the contact form.

What is CentropeMAP?

Where is the Centrope region?

Why are some map layers covering only part of the Centrope region?

Why do some map layers have a different layout in other parts of the region?

Where can I report a broken map layer?

It seems the transparency buttons are not working.

May I display any layers together at the same time?

How can I save the current map view?

Where can I look up the meaning of a map layer?

Where can I see the scale of the current map view?

Where can I see the up-to-dateness of the map layers?

Why is some map content also displayed beyond the borders of the Centrope region?

Can I add other web map services (WMS) to CentropeMAP?

Which geographic projection is assigned to the CentropeMAP layers?

Is CentropeMAP INSPIRE-ready?

Can I access data behind the map layers?

CentropeSTATISTICS tells me it requires basic knowledge in statistics, mapping, and cartography. I don’t have this knowledge, may I nevertheless proceed?

May I use the data from CentropeMAP and CentropeSTATISTICS elsewhere?

How much are data from CentropeSTATISTICS?

Can I send my own datasets to you?

What happens if I select a year where data are not available for all parts of the Centrope region?

How can I save a chart?

How can I use topographic or thematic maps in other applications?

How can I use CentropeSTATISTICS charts in other applications?

I clicked on “Create Map”, but apparently nothing happened.

The numbers in the chart overlap.

The municipality names in the chart overlap.

The chart title exceeds the chart width.

Why is there no possibility to create a map from population numbers?

Why is there no free combination of attributes in pie chart creation?

Where can I report a CentropeSTATISTICS database error?

Where can I look up the meaning of the table columns?

Why are there some columns without a “Map” button”?

Why are there some columns without a “Chart” or “Pie chart” button?

How can I select the years for chart creation?

Why do I get a bar chart although I wanted to create a pie chart?

How can I convert a chart’s absolute values into indexed values?

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