CentropeMAP and CentropeSTATISTICS Help

Download the CentropeMAP and CentropeSTATISTICS manual in PDF format (41 pages, 7 MB) here.

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Table of contents

1.    Introduction
1.1.    The Centrope region
1.2.    About CentropeMAP
1.3.    CentropeSTATISTICS
2.    Working with CentropeMAP
2.1.    How to launch CentropeMAP
2.2.    Switching layers on or off
2.3.    Changing the background map
2.4.    Map legend
2.5.    Printing a map (PDF export function)
2.6.    Measuring
2.6.1.    Measuring a distance
2.6.2.    Measuring an area
2.7.    Feature info
2.8.    Changing the projection
3.    CentropeSTATISTICS
3.1.    Introduction
3.2.    Working with tables
3.2.1.    Select a table
3.2.2.    Table options
3.2.3.    Working with custom tables
3.3.    Create a map
3.3.1.    Create a choroplethic map
3.3.2.    Create a symbol map
3.3.3.    Create a time series map
3.3.4.    Save map settings
3.4.    Create a chart
3.4.1.    Create a bar chart (or point chart or line chart)
3.4.2.    Save and load chart options
3.4.3.    Create a pie chart
4.    Working with custom tables
4.1.    Create a custom table
4.2.    Upload data to your custom table
4.3.    The field calculator
4.4.    Data reclassification
4.5.    Data aggregation
4.6.    Save and load a custom table
5.    Municipality and region comparison
5.1.    Comparison of statistical indicators for selected municipalities and/or regions
6.    Appendices
6.1.    Appendix 1: Manual class definition
6.2.    Appendix 2: Labels


Explore these examples to find out quickly how to create a thematic map or chart with CentropeSTATISTICS.


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